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So why should YOU make effective learning and practice a top priority?

Did you know that researchers have proven that the way you spend hours practicing your golf game doesn’t work.

Let’s rephrase that.

The way you’re learning and practicing golf will not help you play better on the golf course. 

The scary part is we’ve known it for years.  We know our practice doesn’t transfer to the golf course because we literally call it “the longest walk in golf” (the trip from the range to the first tee)

Reality is the research and solutions are out there but we haven’t been paying attention. 

Most people practice according to so called best practices and concepts they assume are helping.

But the average handicap isn’t dropping and getting a bit personal - you’re not seeing the improvements you want to. 

So what do you need to do?!?!
Learn another swing secret?
Spend the next 2 months trying out a new swing move?

Or take you learning and practice serious. 

Honestly it’s one of the areas that has been largely ignored and not given the attention it’s due but can have the BIGGEST IMPACT.

For a limited time we’re pulling back the curtain on the research behind effective learning and give you access to learn from the leaders in the field of motor learning

So you can stop wasting time with practice that DOESN’T WORK and truly understand what it takes to learn and practice so you can take YOUR best game to the course.

We’ve put together the ultimate collection of presentations on the topic of learning and performance (known as the study of motor learning).

We have 15 presentations covering topics from (we have all the presenters and topics listed farther down on this page)

  • Understanding the emotional pitfalls of the learning curve.
  • How to change a motor pattern, a case study approach.
  • Understanding how (and where) to focus.

If you are an avid golfer, competitive professional, coach, instructor, or just someone interested in motor learning this is definitely for you

I'm of the opinion that golf is one of, if not the worst practiced sport in the world and the experts involved in this Summit have so many different, proven ways to help show what we can be doing better to actually get a solid return on our investment of practicing and playing golf.

You're not going to watch these videos and be told 'just practice more and longer' or 'you're hinging the club wrong, here's how to do it', instead you'll discover why how you're practicing isn't helping you and in some cases is actually hurting you.

And you'll find techniques to use in practice and in play that will help you get the most out of your game.

Taylor Avid Golfer

Who’s Teaching & What Are The Sessions About?

Each speaker has been hand-picked not only because of their expertise but also the experience and results they've delivered for students.

They’re the top researchers & coaches in the world and, despite their busy schedules, each of these speakers jumped on board for this event and promised to teach their best stuff.

Dr Tim Lee

The principle of practice specificity and implications for golf practice

Dr Bhrett McCabe

The Mindside 

Managing the Learning Curve. The Emotional Pitfalls in Chasing Mastery

Trent Wearner

Golf Scrimmages

Simulating Pressure in Practice

Matthew Cooke

Game Like Training

4 key corner stones that encapsulate learning

Adam Young


How a small shift in thinking can make dramatic differences to your learning and performance

Iain Highfield with Nate Dougherty, Zach Parker, and Kevin Smeltz

Bishops Gate Golf Academy

How to Change a Motor Pattern, a Case Study Approach

Tony Wright

Game Improvement Golf

Optimizing Learning Potential Through Custom Club Fitting

Peter Arnott

Constraints-Led approach to Coaching and Practice

David Orr


Common Myths in Putting and the 4 Critical Components to Understand

Michael Hebron


The Value of Play & Early Specialization in Juniors

Trillium Rose


Finding the Challenge

Frank Darby

Player Development - The Process of Becoming Great !

Matthew Kluck & Dennis Sweeney


How to Use Games for Stealth Teaching and Student Learning

David MacKenzie


How to turn your good practice into good play on the course

Joe Bosco


Take Your Best Game to the Course


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  • Stop wasting time on the range without improvement.
  • How to effectively learn when working with instructors or coaches.
  • The right way to practice and train for lasting improvement.
  • Learn why you haven’t seen the growth you’re looking for.


  • The best ways to teach for maximum impact.
  • How to help students get better over the long term (not just short term gain).
  • How to create effective training environments.
  • Why the traditional lesson model might not be best for students.

If you are an avid golfer, competitive professional, coach, instructor, or just someone interested in motor learning this is definitely for you


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To get access to this level and amount of information at a traditional conference you'd spend several hundred dollars for tickets plus flights, plus food, plus hotel, plus income lost by being away from your job or business.

We've invested a lot in setting up the best experience possible for you and to get access to this there will be a fee.

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You get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the presentations.  We've recorded and edited them to the highest quality possible.

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The presentations start going live the week of the summit November 16.   However we have one ready to go right now as a bonus.

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