5 Week Course to teach you the research and practical application of vital learning principles everyone needs to know.


Do you know the most undervalued topic in golf?  

Most people would assume some new concept about the golf swing or new short game technique that will help players lower score in 30 minutes… But that’s not the case.

For to long people have simply followed along with “best practices” when it comes to actually shooting lower scores and getting better at golf.

Maybe you’ve heard some of them…

"If you hit enough golf balls you’ll “groove” your swing."

"All you need to do is dedicate more time to practice and you'll get it"

If hitting a lot of golf balls on the range built good golfers wouldn’t the best players in the world be the ones that hit the most golf balls?

Maybe you’ve had that feeling…

Deep down that what you’ve been told about getting better at golf might not be all there is.  There must be more to the story...

Because what you’re doing and what you’ve seen done on the range, that new swing method, that new piece of tech, hasn't been everything you've hoped for

> Scores are not improving.

> The time you’re invested doesn’t correlate to better results.

And maybe you haven’t shared this with anyone but your nervous that you can’t get any better and you might just be stuck at the level you’re at.

For some reason in golf we just don't talk about learning enough.


Coaches aren't taught it, golfers aren't taught it, so we're left with people trying their best but coming up short when setting up effective learning environments.

The great news is it's not rocket science, yet can have long term benefits on how you think about and learn golf (and for coaches, how you help students get them to the results they're looking for).



It's time to understand LEARNING

Research Driven Approach to Creating Learning and Practice Environments That Lower Scores

If you've enjoyed the Game Like Training Radio show and want to further your understanding of critical learning principles...

We've designed a 5 week course to take your knowledge and coaching to the next level, so you can create highly effective learning environments.

You'll be walked through vital information and research that has been extracted from some of the world’s most renowned motor learning, deliberate practice, and expert performance in golf research!

This is for you if you want to learn... 

  • 1

    The Vital Research Concepts to Understand about Learning

    Learn the research and "why" behind setting up great learning environments. Each session will be based on research, explaining the impact, and helping you understand what actions to take.

  • 2

    How to Set Up a Great Learning Environment

    We'll talk about how to apply what you learn and create highly effective learning environments.

  • 3

    Geared for golf coaches

    The course is focused on helping golf coaches create better learning environments for students but as a golfer you can benefit immensely from this course as well.

You get instant access to all the sessions, however we'll guide you through content week by week with our email guide and resources if you'd like to go through the material over 5 weeks.

You will also get your questions answered in the Eduffi coaching community for this course with coach Matthew Cooke.


Matthew has written 4 workbooks that have helped hundreds of golf coaches, and players, in over 13 countries, practice, and train more efficiently. 

Your Coach

Matthew Cooke

Originally from the United Kingdom, Matthew has relentlessly pursued becoming the best coach possible by seeking out and talking with the leading researchers and practitioners in the field.

He's founded ‘Game Like Training Golf Academy’ running full scale coaching programs for all level golfers, and educational programs for coaches looking to expand their knowledge on scientific learning principles. Clients spread from all over the Unites States, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

Matthew is currently involved with research studies in expertise and expert performance with Dr K Anders Ericsson, and Len Hill PhD, and is collaborating with professors in motor learning, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and professionals at the United States Olympic Association.


Matthew Cooke is putting the “GAME” back in golf. 

While a certain level of technical proficiency is required in any sport, Matthew has created an environment where game-like performance training is being used to enhance the experience.  Students are improving their golf skills through performance training and self-discovery (a lost art) while having FUN! 

We have implemented many of Matthew’s techniques at our junior golf academy have seen tremendous results.  Thank you Matthew for all you are doing for the game.

Nic Drezins

Course Details

Here's What You Get

Week 1 - Varying the conditions of learning for optimal retention and transfer

Goal: The goal is to show how utilizing practice spaces can improve the rate and way in which golfers learn. 

Info given: The information given will be how we learn this particular way, research from Dr. Robert Bjork at UCLA will be provided. I will also present some examples of how this can be implemented in a real time environment.

Added value: Downloadable PDF worksheet of a day’s practice schedule varying the conditions of learning.


Week 2 - Motor learning and Skill Acquisition

What skills are. Exactly. The components of a skill and some very important principles. (This may change based off of my conversation with John, but the topic will be the same.

Goal: The goal is to demystify “skills”, and clarify how, through motor learning principles, they are acquired.

Info Given: In this webinar we can have John go through how skills are obtained, the science behind how they are created and improved. I think John will go through the outlines of the specificity of learning. I will put forward practical example practice task templates that are in line with this info.

Week 3 - Maximizing learning and performance w/ interleaving, blocking and spacing

Goal: To define both types of training and highlight from a scientific perspective, why one works better than the other. I will also provide some possible reasons for why people agree that massing has worked in the past, for professionals.

Guests: Iain Highfield

Info Given: In this webinar I will put forward the concepts and clarify them with real time, real life examples. I will also exploit science behind why they work and don’t work. I will also present what has been found from training this way in regards to the level of effectiveness.

Week 4 - Deliberate practice, simulation and mental representation

How testing can enhance long term learning and performance, and how we can incorporate it more into our programs.

Goal: To educate others on how to use testing within training for greater learning.

Info given: Science behind testing as to how it works and why it works. I will also show examples to allow people to better understand the science in a real world environment.

Added Value: Live question and answer as well as webinar notes

Week 5 - Testing to learn

How testing can enhance long term learning and performance, and how we can incorporate it more into our programs.

Goal: To educate others on how to use testing within training for greater learning.

Info given: Science behind testing as to how it works and why it works. I will also show examples to allow people to better understand the science in a real world environment.

Added Value: Live question and answer as well as webinar notes

Avoid the Mistakes by Understanding What Learning is and How it Works

There are so many topics and questions to cover related to learning and athlete development, this 5 week course is designed to take you by the hand and teach you the principles and strategies needed to build a highly effective learning environments.

…and to provide the coaching and support system you crave.



  • 5 Training Sessions

    Lifetime Digital Access to all of the training sessions. (stream online or download)

  • Resources and Helpful Docs

    Get additional resources and helpful docs as we go through the training.

  • Edufii Coaching Community

    Private Edufii Group to ask questions and get the most out of this 5 week program.



Good News! We're completely virtual.
No travel costs and no hotel costs!

We'll be hosting this completely virtual, so you can not only save the travel money but keep this information and access it whenever you want.

We've built out an awesome online portal that you'll be able to log into to get access to all the content when it goes live and anytime into the future.

You'll be able to watch the presentations on your OWN TIME.   Rewatch take notes and go through the content at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in this course?

Go through video education sessions with coach Matthew Cooke going over the topic for the week, covering education and answering questions.

Is this Free?

To get access to this level and amount of information at a traditional conference you'd spend several hundred dollars for tickets plus flights, plus food, plus hotel, plus income lost by being away from your job or business.

We've invested a lot in setting up the best experience possible for you and to get access to this there will be a fee.

How Long Will These Be Available?

You get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the presentations.  We've recorded and edited them to the highest quality possible.


Do I have to pay shipping?

This is a digital product. No shipping required.

What format are the electronic files in?

Audio files are in mp3 format, and playable on your computer, mp3 player (iPod, for example), and smart phone and tablet. Streaming of video files are in mp4 format and will play on your computer and tablet and smart phone.